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Buying a House in Spain

06 mayo 2014 noticias

Guideline for a Safe acquisition

1. The Land Registry (Registro de la Propriedad), is the owner entitled to sell the house?

At the Spanish Land Registry, not only you can verify whether the owner is, in fact, the real and actual owner, but you can also check the existence o pendent mortgages or unpaid     taxes. Before the notary, in the act of signing, information from the registry will be requested in order to grant the inexistence of debts.

2. The Town Hall (Ayuntamiento) Is usually competent to assure that appropriate planning permission has been obtained, ignoring this point could made you face serious problems, including demolition orders.

3. Before Signing Make sure that the property is as described and structurally sound (either a surveyor or an architect can do this).

4. Take a look, You might be buying a rented house, if that´s your case, Spanish legislation protects tenants, so, most likely, you won’t be able to enjoy your residence as soon as you expect.

5. Get reliable help, demand credentials from any technician who intervene, In order to practice law in Spain, lawyers must be register in their Province Official Association of Attourneys. Legálitas Lawyers are not qualified attorneys and official members but can prove over 8 years of experience. As we say any idiomatic difficulty proves more significant where the law and contracts are concerned.

6. Mortgage, Spanish Mortgage Law is substantially different from United States Mortgage regulation, this areas is heavy regulated in Spain since several clauses has been determined as abusive for costumers, that doesn´t mean they have been eliminated from all contracts, an expert eye will determine the legality and convenience of your mortgage, that will directly report you money saving and a safe legal framework.

Security alert
  • Don´t sign unless an expert lawyer has study your case, your contract, your mortgage, and the legal adequacy of your house.
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